Life in Motion

“Daddy, when I close my eyes, I feel like I’m in the wave pool still,” my 10-year-old giggled from the back seat. The motion of the waves still ran through her long after she was out of the water. A day at a water park will do that to you.

The same thing happened to me.

I drove from Florida to Kentucky in Spring Break traffic. Fourteen hours in a car. Fourteen hours of volleying back and forth from 70 mph to 30 mph. Fourteen hours of constant concentration as I passed and was passed by other drivers. I crashed in the bed at 2:15 in the morning. I lay there feeling as if the rubber were still covering miles on the road. The motion kept me awake.

It’s a strange feeling to be at rest but still be carried by motion.

But spiritually speaking that’s how we live our lives.

Even when you try to be still and rest, you still feel the stress and busyness of your life.

God doesn’t intend for you to live a life in motion.

Jesus calls all those to him who need rest.

To live in that rest takes discipline.

That’s the beauty of the week leading up to Easter. Holy Week is a time for you to break out of your routine. It’s an opportunity for you to go to Jesus for that rest. If you wait until Sunday to experience Easter, you’re going to miss something magnificent.

Christian, decide not to live a life in motion.

What do you do differently during Holy Week?

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