The Curse of Daylights Savings

For seven years, my wife and I have been a part of life groups at church (or small groups, connect groups, doing-life-together groups, or whatever you call it).

For four of those years, we have hosted them at our house.

What does that mean?

Once a week we open our house up to some of the most awesome people in Kentucky! We cover decades in age and spiritual maturity. One man has the job of saving trees, while another man has his own lumber company. We have a cowboy who doesn’t drink black coffee and a pharmacist who can’t drink caffeine after 4:00.

We laugh a lot.

We eat together.

We grow together (but not because we eat).

Besides connecting with other people, there’s some prep work to do each week.

I brew a pot coffee and boil a tea kettle of water for hot tea. (Once I nearly blew the group up when I fixed hot Dr. Pepper with lemon. Things got out of hand quickly.)

My wife tries to have a dessert cooked (or bought).

We clean and straighten our house.

This is both the blessing and the curse of hosting life groups.

Blessing: the house is going to be somewhat straight and clean every week (which let’s be honest, it might not happen but once a month otherwise). Curse: you have to clean it. Unless you can train your children or dog to do it (which we haven’t been able to yet), the cleaning is up to us.

You might not know it, but this is the saddest week of the year for life group hosts.

It’s the curse of daylights savings.

This week puts an end to five months of being able to cheat in cleaning the house. From October to March, the sun went down before anyone arrived. Thus any dirt or grime was hidden in the darkness.

For five months, windows weren’t a worry to even bother with. The floor could be barely mopped, swept, or vacuumed. Dusting could be faked. A cleaning technique was to turn off the overhead lights, switch on the lamps, and light a candle. A straight house with a clean bathroom and you fooled every member of your small group.

They think you have your stuff together.

This Sunday ends all that though with daylights savings. With the springing forward of the clock comes having to be cleaner. People arrive when the sun is still up. I feel like God is punishing me because the setting sun shines through our back windows, so I’ll have to clean the outsides too! Oh and not to mention the landscaping will need weeding and trimming!

So life group hosts—enjoy your last week of not really having to clean your house too much.

Life group members—try not to stare at the dirt next week.

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