Paths of Prayer

Saturday I was running trails at Mammoth Cave.

It was early and a brisk 31 degrees.

Too cold to be running when later it would be in the mid-60s. But the family had afternoon plans, so I ran in the cold.

No one was on the trails. The solitude was refreshing. But with the warming of the day, those same paths would be traveled by people from literally all over the world.

I began to pray for those people. I feel like I was guided by the Spirit to pray, because usually when running I’m more worried about not passing out. I think more of myself and the people I know instead of those I don’t.

It never occurred to me to pray like that before. Prayer is an area where I feel insufficient and weak. You probably can identify with that feeling also.

But the same rocks, roots, and dirt where my feet fell would soon be traveled by others. Some who would hike the trail believe in the Creator who loved the world so much that He sent His Son for us. But, people who don’t know or accept that truth would too. So I prayed for them all. I prayed for the people I would never meet but who were connected to me by traveling the same trails.

Christian, let’s be people who pray for others. No matter where we are or whether or not we even know who we are praying for. Let’s always be praying for others.

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