Biscuit & Gravy: You are Free

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my fail about not reading books by female authors (Present Over Perfect). Since then I have been reading books by other female writers.

Would you look at that cover? The intense Bible Journaling Community would be drooling to put some color on that cover. The BJC doesn’t play when it comes to throwing down some hues!

Maybe not the manliest cover, but women have a way of writing that cuts straight to the heart and emotions. It’s basically like reading a book by John Eldredge. (That isn’t a knock on John Eldredge because I read all of his work.)

One book is You are Free by Rebekah Lyons. BookLook Bloggers was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy.

One question Lyons’ asked backhanded me across the face: Why do we believe in Christ, but not accept his freedom? I jotted it on a sticky note where it stuck next to my Bible for the last two weeks.

Why do we believe in Christ, but not accept his freedom?

Lyons’ writes about her personal experience and struggle with being free but not living freely. She covers 15 different areas where we as believers should experience freedom. The subtitle of the book is Be Who You Already Are. God has uniquely made each of us and life shouldn’t feel like we are walking in someone else’s skin.

So what was my reaction to the book?

Her stories were all personal and relevant to our faith which made it engaging. Any time you read about someone living out their calling in the tensions that life brings, you are going to be challenged to think about your life.

Every time I sat down to read, I read for longer than I intended to!

There are two reasons for this: 1) Her stories are raw confessions and 2) she successfully conveyed Biblical truth about freedom in a world where most people live under bondage. These are lessons she learned as she’s moved across the country multiples times for ministry, experienced healing from panic attacks, and gave birth to a son with down syndrome. She draws water from a deep well.

If you feel trapped and aren’t living life to the fullest like Jesus promised his followers, then you need to pick up a copy.


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