Abandoned Beanie

This trail sign is so hip it could be giving directions in Atlanta to the nearest coffee house in Little Five Points.

Put a guitar in its arms, and it could lead worship. (Look at those legs, what worship pastor wouldn’t be envious of what they would look like in skinny jeans?)

I ran past this sign wearing a beanie without giving it much thought. Well, besides, thinking it’s weird when people (or signs) wear beanies in 70-degree weather.

Six days passed and I was back out running the trails at Mammoth Cave. Sure enough, the sign still looked good sporting its beanie.

In those six days, the weather had dropped significantly. It went from 70-degrees to 30-degrees. The beanie had been rained on, stormed on, held firmly to the sign in tornadic weather which lead to being snowed on.

The beanie had seen a lot, so I decided it was worth redeeming.

When I went to remove the beanie, I saw a tag.

This beanie wasn’t just any beanie; it was a Patagonia. That isn’t green you’re seeing, but “industrial green.” Better yet, it was the Brodeo valued at $35.

This beanie no doubt belonged to a hipster who lost it on a warm day the week before. (I’m assuming it was a hipster, who else would not only wear a beanie on a warm day but pay $35 for one?)

Leaf pieces covered the beanie. The wool material had balled up all over making it look like ornaments on the industrial green.

I stuffed it in my sweatshirt pocket and trotted on.

After a couple of washes and a quick trim with scissors, the Brodeo was back to looking brand new.

It’s been my go-to hat these last few days when the temperature has dipped back to freezing.

It’s a well-made hat, but I can’t help but wonder how many people passed by it without knowing its worth. I passed by it once without giving it thought.

Also, I wonder if the name brand didn’t increase it’s potential value to me. Would I have been so eager if it were from Target?

It made me wonder how many people feel like that beanie. Like you’re just hanging out on a sign with people passing by never knowing your true worth. You feel thrown out and overlooked. More than likely you don’t even know your worth.

But everyone has incredible value.

Maybe you don’t feel it, but you do.

Jesus came to redeem you. The cost was his life. So, when you feel you’ve been thrown out or overlooked, think again. This alone should make you reconsider how you see yourself and how you see others. Jesus doesn’t see you like some cheap, poorly made sinner, but as something beautiful and worth redeeming. You are the Brodeo.

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