Sweet, Little Tempations

“Lead us not into temptation…”

Jesus taught us to pray this, so it has to be important.

I rarely feel tempted. I don’t feel tempted to get drunk, do meth, kill people because I don’t care for their sports team, steal a little kid’s bike, or cheat on my wife.

I rarely feel tempted because I’ve limited temptation to a small list of big sins. (Unless the discussion is about food and then the word is used all the time.)

Chances are you probably rarely feel tempted too.

However, I’m tempted all the time.

I’m tempted not love my wife and daughters well, to be moody or grouchy with people who get on my nerves, and to lie to make myself look better.

I’m tempted to put me first, to make an off color joke for a cheap laugh, and to talk about people behind their backs.

I’m tempted to watch things that aren’t pure and are damaging to the soul, to think badly about people, to have outbursts of anger, and not to love others well.

Satan distracts us to disrupt our lives. He says look at this not that. Therefore, we aren’t tempted to do these big sins, but rather these smaller ones.

The majority of your temptations are seemingly insignificant. They seem like sweet, little temptations. However, they aren’t because Jesus included a “But…”

“But deliver us from evil.”

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