Don’t Say This

Two words come together to create a phrase that grates on my nerves.

Well, three words if you don’t make it a contraction.

I’ve caught myself uttering this phrase a lot lately to my wife. There are two reasons why I’ve said it. One reason is it shrugs off her concerns. The phrase says, “No big deal, buttercup. You aren’t the first person this has happened to, and you won’t be the last.” The other reason is that it gets on her nerves. And let’s be honest men, it’s amusing to get a little rise out of your lady. I know–both reasons show why I’m such a sensitive guy.

But I have also caught myself thinking it a lot related to other people’s situation.

The phrase is “That’s life.”

Salsa spilled from your chip onto your white shirt. That’s life. 

Our kid is running a fever and has the cough of a dying sea lion because she’s is sick with the flu. That’s life.

You have too much to do because you overscheduled yourself. That’s life.

You wrecked on a hoverboard. That’s life.

That’s life grates on my nerves because it isn’t life.

We say that to the bad things that happen to us instead of the good things. You hear it when you’re frustrated and at your tipping point. Those words are uttered when life stinks.

That’s life should not be said when a situation or someone is life-taking, but when something is life-giving.

Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Christian, Christ didn’t come so that you could accept a that’s life reality. Christ came so that you could experience life to the fullest. Now that’s life! Anything else is from the thief.

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