Taking Your Trash With You

Something bizarre has happened not once, but twice in our life group over the last six months.

Don’t worry–there will be no spilling of the beans or encroaching upon the life group covenant our church forces us sign. D.A.R.E. tricked me into not doing drugs in fifth grade by signing a contract, and now the church stops me from gossiping when I’m 33. I’m going to blame my church for the lack of my Twitter game.

Lacey and I host a life group at our home on Wednesday nights. Not to get super spiritual on you, but we love it because it keeps us accountable in keeping our house somewhat clean. Otherwise, it might be cleaned once a year. Also, there is that thing about doing life with six other couples that is pretty sweet.

We are a brown bag group. I don’t know if that is what it’s called, but let’s run with it. We like to eat together, but don’t want the responsibility of coordinating and fixing the supper. So couples go through a drive-thru (or get take out Mexican food) and bring food over and we all gather ’round to eat together.

Once, after everyone was finished eating, we spotted one of our group members trying to take her trash home with her. At first, I thought I had invited a hoarder in our group who needed help. I didn’t know if I should recommend a different life group or use what I learned on A&E. Come to find out she didn’t want to add to our trash. Which was a nice gesture, but I was a little bummed to find out that I was still the weirdest person in our group.

This happened again a few months later when a new couple joined the group. They, too, offered to take their trash back home with them.

It’s telling of what goes on in our hearts.

You don’t want to dump your trash on others, so you take it with you. The problem is it’s ridiculous for you to carry your trash around with you.

No matter what you think…

There are people who love you.

There are people who want to help and listen to you.

There are people who want to help you carry your burden (Galatians 6:2), or in this case, your trash.

Hopefully, you have a place where you can throw your trash away with others. A place where people can help carry your burdens and where you can help carry others’ burdens. Ideally, this is lived out with other brothers and sisters in Christ, such as in a life group.

Christian, you shouldn’t walk around with your arms clutching your trash. It’s time to throw it away.

Do you have a place to throw your trash away?

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